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Runescape Ban System, Flaws July 27, 2008

Posted by runescapetruth in Ban System Flaws.
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Before you begin to read my post, Listen to this music and relax…

Welcome back, my few but faithful readers. Today, I will talk about the Ban system for Runescape. Now, don’t get me wrong or anything, but this ban system is pretty decent. I believe the employers of Jagex actually read each one thoroughly.  The problem is that, they have literally no sympathy or common sense…

I will show you examples of accounts that I had. The reason why this account was banned was because I supposedly did “real world trading”.

How injustice Jagex Bans system are

How injustice Jagex Ban's system are

Now this is a picture of my main I had. It clearly shows why I was banned. I supposedly did real world trading. Now, I had this account ever since classic. This was my first account and I had him for over 9 years. He had exactly 23 million GP and around 20 million worth in items. Back in 2007, that was enough to buy a Santa hat or 2 Easter eggs.

How did Jagex ban this account? One day, while training, they disconnected me and told me to check my email. Well, I did and I found out I was banned. Instead of being a civilized person and dealing this matter in a gentleman like way, I  went “berserk”. To visualize how frustrated I was, picture losing all your life saving because the stock market crashed. You may think I’m over exaggerating, but on that fateful day, my heart lost something it and was never fully able to regain again.

I wouldn’t have actually been furious if I did what Jagex accused me of. What made it even more worst, was the fact that they did not give me any FUCKING evidence. A reasonable response would have helped my aching heart a lot.

The evidence that I was given…

This is not evidence..What t he Fuck is this shit!

This is not evidence..What t he Fuck is this shit!

At that time, I was only sixteen (16) years old. Call me old fashion, but a sixteen year old can not do “real world trading” without his or her parents approval and credit card. At this time, I became a member through my parents since I was too poor and naive.

It’s quiet sad and simply stupid since I have not broken any rules before October 4, 2006. I was an honest player and never macored/bot my whole life. It was the only rule I broke because I had not read the rules at that time. If the staff member had used their brain, they would have at least considered, that the guy who they were trying to ban had not broken any rules except 1 in a period over 6 years… By some strange random change of heart, out of a sudden, in over 6 years of honesty, he’s going to start “real world trading”? That hurts… How sad… I’m sure if the staff of Jagex ever reads this thread, they will say something in lines of this, “Dear, editor of Runescape Truth, we are sorry for your account. We understand you have put a lot of hours and commitment to this game and are grateful for your involvement of our ever growing community, but we have reviewed the evidence of the crime you have committed and must use the evidence obtained and punish you on those basis”. Thanks you Jagex for nothing…

For those of you who care curious on what I said to break rule 6… The evidence.



I know many of you will ask me, Why I hadn’t apologized?  Well, for that appeal, I used it to try to appeal the permanent ban. This is why it has flaws. I will tell you the flaw for Jagex ban system in the conclusion.

1) Well, They must first fix the appeal system. It has some flaws. Readers, an IMPORTANT WAY TO GET 50% chance of getting UNBANNED! Well, it doesn’t matter on what the Fuck you do, since you can get like 10 appeal chance. That’s right… How? Simply break some rules that are considered minor. They will give you a warning or a minor offense charge. Example, you could say “I’m a homo”. Do not use the appeal to apologize. Save it, and keep doing it until you get 8 of them. So, when you actually do get banned for a major mistake, you can use the 8 appeal on the serious charge. Remember, you must specifically say you want to use this appeal on the “month/date/year ban (the main one)” It does work. The staff of Jagex does read your appeals. I hope this helped.

*One of Jagex Flaws*
2) The staff of Jagex must show a little more compassion. I believe in the company of Jagex, the workers are inside their own small world. They are probably friends with one another and go to bars and hiking trips amongst the company. They do not understand how much this simple cyber game can affect the minds of the youth. How a simple appeal of a ban can make or break a child’s mentality. I understand they receive thousands of appeals each day, all pertaining to the same crap, the almost identical message, the mundane appeals of childish kids, however the kids do mean their apologizes. Common sense is lost with the staff of Jagex.

You could have started Runescape since classic and not break a single rule, but if you break a major rule, regardless of if you did or did not. There will be only one response from them. You’re fucked. They do not care if you are innocent. To them, you are just a naughty boy who broke their rule. Now that, gentleman and ladies, that is an iron fist.

Message to the staff of Jagex:
As you probably know from the message I posted above, you can see that I was banned. I hope one day you learn that on the forums and in the game, one must act mature and sensible. I am sure many of the staffs do and I am not questioning your duties, however there are some staffs who have not learned the reality of this world. They are some who are still stuck in their childish youth. These staffs have lived in their own society throughout their lives. They conform to nothing and in their bubbles, hatred has grown. They share their thoughts amongst their narrow minded friends, who are equal, if not just as bad. Runescape, you must remember is a game that is mainly played by children. One bad seed in the company of Jagex can affect many. I understand there are hundreds, if not thousands of employees hired by the company Jagex. I am not asking to remove these staffs since it is impossible and everyone has their freedom of speech and thoughts. I just hope one day, you improve your appeal system.

Thank you to all my readers. I appreciate it and this article was not meant for sympathy. I hope you enjoyed it.



1. asg32000 - July 31, 2008

Yea. I am in your same boat. I have had my account since 2001… the days of Runescape Classic. Those were the days. Now things have changed.

After taking a break from Runescape (to spend time studying in college), I decided I wanted to return to Runescape this summer. I tried to log on, and found my account locked. Interesting. I sucessfully submitted an unlock appeal, and tried to log on again. “Disabled.” Interesting… I then found why my account was locked (I figured it was due to inactivity, as they implimented the lock system during my time away). It was locked, since apparently someone else had been using my account! I don’t know how (I have theories, none of them grounded on proof) this happened, but I checked my account status and found NUMEROUS offences in my name! There were around 9 offences total. Apparently whoever was using my account tried to appeal to the first offence, saying that someone else had stolen the account (ironic) and committed the offences. In doing so, he locked the account and did not posess the information to unlock it again. I saw that that appeal was denied, and I tried to appeal the most recent offence, saying someone else had access to my account (since Jagex stated that if my appeal was successful, all the offences beforehand would be erased- in doing this I agreed to have my account RElocked). Immediately after submitting my appeal (in which I was only allowed 400, I think, words!!!), I saw that it was denied! Jagex said there was sufficent evidence to show I was in control of my account at the time of the offence. Needless to say, I was infuriated! Not only was my appeal unjustly overturned, but my explaination was clearly never read by human eyes! I was stunned. I realized that I would have to make the best use of my remaining ban appeals, as they were the only way I could contact Jagex about my probem (since Jagex specifically states that any emails sent to them regarding account issues “WILL BE DELETED.”). On a side note, at really pisses me off. The only way I figured that I could communicate to a HUMAN was by submitting an apology. I did not actually use the apology message to apoligize (which I now realize may be a fatal error), rather to desperately plead my case. I used up about 4 appeals doing this (foolishly), leaving me with 2 more chances (offence appeals) to contact Jagex. Currently, I am waiting for Jagex to unlock my account again so I can check my appeal status. I cannot believe this is happening.

2. Marty The Influence - August 27, 2008

To the person and the only person that commented,
I have had the same thing happen to me,
I was away for a good long time and I quited Runescape lets just say that I actually stopped playing the game for about a year..
My friend I met in my new school had an intrest in Runescape, told me to get back on and so I said, “Sure okay… yes”.
I figured, I’ll go back on I have an account I can use, no need to create a new one.

I go to the login screen..
“You’re account has been banned do to some offences.”

First off it was saying I was selling my password, which would not be me since I would never ever ever in my life sell off a level 106 with 3 skillcapes, to anybody in the whole world, not even on my mom’s dead body I would.

I always reported, and took everything for nesscary.

I reported my account as stolen, and I got the account locked for that one thing.

I tried a few times to actually get my account unlocked,
It did not work so I gave up and figured,
there is a online game where you can swear and what not,
and I figured out that was WoW

Let’s see a few monthes later,
I went and tried to get my account unlocked..
Checked every single day for the past 4 years, going on my 5th..

And you know what..?

Actually a few days ago I got it back..

And I actually said,
“Fuck that.”

Because I don’t find it actually that worth it for Jagex to even leave the case, or look into it for 5 whole frikin years.

So I did what any normal person would do, and that is get them back..
I made a newb account, spammed cussed and everything, and they can’t even bann my I.P it changes every single day.

3. runescapetruth - August 27, 2008

Dear Mary and Agsg,
I want to personally thank you for writing your story on this weblog. You both seem mature and understand the flaws on these ban/secruity systems. I hope you enjoy my other articles.

p.s. I currently have been playing rs since classic.

thank you

4. elkiing - September 26, 2008

hay … i started to play this game in 2005 and its cb103 i loved it so much .. its banned from 9/2007 . iam searching for any change can get my account back .. its banned real world trading !…
thats becouse i have friends knows some passwords and recovery question…please jagex .. i just wanna know .. why u dont give our accounts back .. after this updates .. now we cant trade huge items and sell it in real life .. do u see the ppl now and did u see the ppl the last year ?…. please jagex give back our wild give back our clans ..give back my friends accounts .. dont do that in ur game please ……….. thanks!

5. saablilman - October 20, 2008

ummm i think that they cheated me. i was playin one day when i got logged out by jagex. it said my acc was disabled. i asked why and it said someone cancelled my acc! and only ppl that can do it is me and my mom

6. Carlom13 - October 26, 2008

Hi i had my account due to supposely swearing when really all i did was snezze while typing but to someone and it siad butt instead and the guy reported me and Jagex locked me out, sure my guy was only lvl 62 and called Carlom13(check Hiscores) but had pretty good crafting and smithing and fishing and then Jagex comes anlong and locks my account and i said to my self why the god dman hell am i playing this so i got up looked on internet and looked up MMORPG and found these awsome games where swearing is a minor: Conquer 2.0, Exteel and good old GuildWars

7. Carlom13 - October 26, 2008

oh yeah and to Marty the Influence i feel for u man 5 years w8ing for Jagex to give ur account back and they give u back on 5th now thats just pathetic Jagex grow up and be a real company like NCSoft and Blizzard

8. Runescape Abot - December 1, 2008

Well, Guys Thay Deined My LAst Chance, Buy Since I Were That Smart, I Told Them If Thay Not Giveing My RUnescape Account, I Would Stick My Dick Up In The Computer,
¨So 2 Day’s ¨Zzzz¨ Thay Posted Me In Real Life, And Thay SAid, This.. Hello, I’m A Jagex Mob, And I Aplay. That Your Account Is Banned In 30 Sec’s More. And If You Do Not Mind, Then I Have Some Stolen Money, That I Have Been Stolen From Another Player, So Mod’s Do Actually Scam Other PLayer’s.. K Lets Get Back To My Last Chance Deined.. *Sucks*
So This Idiot! Mod Told ME in Game Mail. Thare Is No WAY!! At All You CAn Get You Account Back, We Realy Enjoy Ban’ing You For Scamming Other PLayer’s Your Account Have 562 Mil, On 2 Days, Just Of Scamming, So I Said Yes, My Name Is Master Scammer’s, So Mob You Are A Fucking Idiot!!..

9. bigshlong - December 4, 2008

runescape does not care about anything but money..they dont care about people and they have no sense of security..i have a very nice tool i made in python, its proxy based and changes the ip the traffic is coming from every third try. i crack at least 4 accounts a day, trade them junk like needles or maple longs for all their cash or goods..fuck their ass..they fucked with the wrong mother fucker, period! ty cheezy for the mad advise..shes got 50b and she does this to

10. Madwit Hsupport - December 10, 2008

I agree with all of you… I recently got hacked (again) and he spammed like hell. And I was perm banned, I am deciding wether to follow my friend’s expierences and go with “boom boom lyrics” (yes im not joking!) because he says JAgex will think its the same hacker. Last time I tried saying it wasnt me, they went back to being fagex and just ignored me. 😀 help me lol

11. Roadstorm - December 12, 2008

Hey! I said crap today and I am wonderin if i would get banned for it cause it was blocked. The guy said he reported me, but idk if he really did or not. Please give your opinions….. and thanks.

12. farris nwa - December 19, 2008

hi dear i am i was permantn muted and they gave me a last chance and i am unmuted but after few days my friend told me to sign up in his website and i sign up same username and password as in runescape log in.and then my firned changed my password and he dropped all my items and he said to people selling this user.
and theyr eported him and i am permenant muted now 😦
if u know a way that jagex can forgive me plz contact me in my e mail=fx_gangst_wess_east@hotmail.com
my username=farris nwa
combat lvl is 105

13. me - January 1, 2009

my pass was stolen two days ago and ive played since 2004…

I tried to make a new pass, but then they locked me. I am a member and i do delete all my messages on my email.

I told them my old passwords and in the part where i can write about how i can prove its my account, i wrote my address phone number name and email that i used when i became a member. I don’t know if it will help, and i dont know if i could be banned or something. Its been two days since my try to recover my account, since its new years i doubt it’ll be today. Do you think i’ll get it back?

14. Steelerkadaz - January 1, 2009

This same thing happened to me. at the time the new graphics came out i was just sitting there trying out the new stuff and i said people who are in low detail are watching 2 girls 1 cup…..now i understand that maybe some1 took offence or somthing but they banned me on website advertisement.,… i mean really i say a name of a video and i get banned bs?

15. mr. bater - January 3, 2009


16. halp - January 8, 2009

got the same prob and my acc got banned on jul 11 2007 here.. they couldnt prove the offense thing like it did to you and i had over 100m on the acc.. didnt do anything too its fucking sad

17. Arabian frog - January 11, 2009

Yeah i agree with you i just had my account temporarily banned because i was supposibly using third party software. I wasn’t and i looked at my offence and there was no evidence to prove i’d done a thing. I then did a straight up gentle appeal and they denied that too! Runescape staff members probably have nothing better to do but ban people at their sad little jobs but i’ll tell you now they don’t deserve my money and shalln’t be getting any more.

18. Arabian frog - January 11, 2009

I feel for all of u guys in the same situation. JAGEX SUCK BALLS!

Bob - June 17, 2011


19. neenaww - January 16, 2009

i cant get my account bak fuck it i need a shit ill probs shit my brain out c ya

20. Person - April 15, 2009

A friend who was rich gave me 3 million coins for helping him around when he was training his pure. Jagex banned me because they say I was real world trading. Whats funny is that my other offense is on 22nd July and this one is on 22nd September.

21. Pegleglarry (or at least i was) - May 31, 2009

Hey, i have played runescape for about 6 years id say, my friend guessed my password and macro’d on him and i got a perma ban….A PERMA BANN??? for my first offence in 6 years i get perma banned? i appealed it the first time right when i saw it and was denied with no evidence they could provide me that that even actually happened. So, i waited about two years and decided to give it another shot since it took those two years to calm myself about how stupid Jagex is, well i sent a second appeal stating all of the above about password stolen and such, and again i get denied…but wait, upon comparing the two messages i got back from both my appeals i am shocked to find….they are exactly the same…computer generated replies? my appeals never even crossed a human eye, so six years of work and PAYING them, and i supposedly mess up one time and perma ban with appeals denied? For this i hope Jagex goes bankrupt and let a real company like Blizzard take over, would make that game 100x better then the shithole that is Jagex

22. rs former player - June 4, 2009

hai i got muted for15 days for pass scamming cause my brother used meh account when i left to do something for meh mom and i told jagex someone else did it and it wasn’t pretty.They said that i cared about my account in the response and later i got another one saying i was banned for hacking and automated apologies…

23. Annoyed Runescaper - July 10, 2009

Hi guys, i have been recently permantly banned, that account was everything for me, i loved that account, and occasionlly played it, it was my first and only account, and i liked knowing that i had my account to play if i ever wanted to. I will use 8 appeals trying to get it back, hopefully i will, GF asg.

24. rs player - January 25, 2010

i aint banned but i know a friend who is banned. He got banned for just simply saying a yo moma joke…..Honestly wots so bad bout that????

25. rs player - January 25, 2010

i know a player who acc got deleted by saying a yo mama joke…. Honestly does jagex not know that a joke actually exists??? And who doesnt enjoy those jokes. Certainly jagex must know that this is not a crime.

26. Rathalos - March 9, 2010

I started playing Runescape over 5 – years ago. My acc was lvl 122 after the first three years. Man I was so proud of my Account. I was rich and fairly high leveled. Then I got a new computer and started playing on it instead of my old one. After 2 days of playing on the new computer I was disconnected in-game and it said to check my inbox. My account was permanently banned for supposedly “Account Sharing / Selling” THeir Proof states… “You have been caught charing / selling your account. We have evidence that supports that you were in control of your account at the time of the incident. Your account has been shown on multiple IPs.”

So what? Just because play on a different computer they think it’s not me playing? WTF Jagex!

I created a new member account and in a year and a half of intense playing I am hovering around combat level 115. I stop playing for over half a year. I log back in last month and it says my account is locked and can’t play or something like that. I was permanently banned for Macro-ing. Oh, and Guess what? They banned me 3 months ago but I hadn’t logged in once for over half a year! They tell me they have no evidence and that they know I was in control of my account when it happened. I appealed once already and it was denied. I hate Jagex. They never show proof and they are never simpathetic. The reason they claim to not be able to show me my evidence is because they don’t want me to be able to find out how to break the rules next time. Screw Jagex!

Good thing my new PC rocks cuz now I can play WoW, a serious game by serious people IE not Jagex!

27. General9898 - April 21, 2010

I really feel for you guys I wish that I could get someone to look at this who can actually use the threads cuz from what I heard jagex actually looks at the threads. I have a player mod friend who Im sure If I gave the link to all this he could hopfully talk to the jagex mods. Im not quite sure if it will help but it might, of course most of you by now have quit runescape because of the fact that Im typing this in a year late. I truly hope I can help and that the help actually maters. Hope non of you have completly quit and once again I am really sorry that this happened hopefully my friend can help

28. Mark - July 31, 2010

Yeah, the RS ban system has been flawed for sooo long. I have some serious problems with the way they run things.

29. runescape pro botter - November 18, 2010

pokemon: hi guys i feel so not bad for your guyz my 3 acc gets spermanent ban cause i said “google it” my 2nd get banned for exploiting bug because my rs character was even blacker THAN CHARCOAL it leaves fingerprints on it when i pick it up on RS my 3rd acc get spermanent banned cause i used a strap-on to max hit a small asshole it torned in 2 btw download rs2bot 😉

30. ----mike---- - December 26, 2010

I had my runescape account banned on October 4th, and I need to know ASAP if I can somehow get it back, everything was FREAKING DENIED CAUSE JAGEX CAN SMD! Anyways, I need to know if theres any other way I can get it back, im willing to even wait a year or so. IDC WHATEVER IT TAKES SO EFF YOU JAGEX! MAN THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31. Will Johansen - June 16, 2011

I just had my account banned for botting and I didnt do it and I dont think I will have my apeal read and Im not waiting a YEAR for something i didnt do and I message Jagex that I got keylogged 3 times and you Know what they did? absolutly nothing! FUCK YOU JAGEX SMD!!!

32. Will Johansen - June 16, 2011

I just had my account banned for botting and I didnt do it and I dont think I will have my apeal read and Im not waiting a YEAR for something i didnt do and I message Jagex that I got keylogged 3 times and you Know what they did? absolutly nothing! FUCK YOU JAGEX SMD!!! Ihave been playing since classic too

33. Will Johansen - June 16, 2011

oh and I just submited an appeal and I have to start over! Fuck you Jagex I will go down there and kill all of you one by one (and for those pussies who cant handle “My Language” Im not actually gonna kill them)

34. football123 - June 22, 2011

Jagex im sorry for no obbying the rules ok please unban my accont please i only got him members and i really mess him please i love runescape im sorry it wnt happen again ok so please unban him his names Boydy 123 please i want to play runescape again.

35. football123 - June 22, 2011

so are you going to unban me please i really want to play runescape please i promise to not brake the rules again.

36. Reptos - September 12, 2011

Guys… im sad too ’cause of my skiller … they banned me perm for 3x 99 lvl… what can i say ?? FUCK you JAGEX

37. loyal player - March 2, 2012

so unfair… march 2012

Been playing runescape for around 5yrs had a lvl 80. I only played like once a week due to rl comitments. I was a private person and only chatted occasionaly, I allways followed the rules, i enjoyed the time i could play and had so much respect for jagex makeing it possilbe to have such an awesome game for f2p. Back then emails were not asked so therefore jagex has never known my email address. The last time i log in was 7th march 2012 and continue to bury bones for my prayer lvl. Did speek to only 1 person during that log in, was on for about 2hrs and logged out. 6days later i log in again and it said read your messages your account has been locked.
I read my message and it say you are permanetly banned for gold farming and rwt ( first reaction wtf ive been hacked) so it say i could view evidence = ( jmod) wtf is going on so i did the apeal, it just says pending, but the odd thing is im getting emails from runescape saying your account is in danger zone and as i said earlier i have never given them my email address? . i dont go to links nothing, i even have the runescape client on my desktop which i use but only recently. I did as a precaution so i didnt get fake sites ..haha.. well i shoulda just kept going the way i was..google search ftw…Only other thing i can think of that may have done a trigger is that i got a new hard drive as my other had died and a new 2in1 router…other than that .. ive been ddosd… or some stupid snotty nosed lil fart haveing a bad day that knows a mod tells the mod some bull shit crap, and this mod reports me to the jmod that she is fucking .

38. lavonlunn.revelife.com - April 20, 2013

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39. Louis Cunningham - August 1, 2013

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41. Ray Slayz - October 17, 2013

Same kind of thing happened to me about six days ago. I haven’t been playing much recently, as i’v been a bit busy. However, I decided to log in. I was sitting at the main login screen for about 5 minutes before i’m told that my account is logged in or the server can’t handle my request to log in. I spammed this for about an hour before being told that my account was disabled. Of course, I panicked. I checked the message centre and found that I had been given two gold farming/rwt offences at the same damn time! Why, i’v never bought or sold gold in my entire life and i don’t ever plan on doing so. I’m actually quite upset that 5 years of my life/childhood are being thrown away because these incompetent “employees” haven’t even read my appeals. My account is being perma banned for offenses that i didn’t even commit and there’s no way to get my account back. I’v been waiting about a week now for a response but it just says that damned message saying that “appeal pending” meaning they haven’t even stumbled upon it yet. I’v never seriously considered quitting before, but I don’t really feel like grinding out my stats JUST to catch up to where I was currently at. Thanks again, Jagex. R.I.P. Ray Slayz June 2008-October 2013

42. Ben - November 26, 2013

I remember when I had an account permanently banned.. I was staying up during the night to get my Firemaking to 99. I was at the Grand Exchange buying logs for Firemaking and burning them repeatedly. So I was getting tired so I logged off and went to sleep. I wake up later and find that my account has been permanently banned for “Offense: Macroing Major”. JAGEX I WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME. I submitted an appeal and I am still waiting for them to look at it…it’s been over 5 months. Crazy people..

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